General Podiatric Care

  • Podiatrists provide medical diagnosis and treatment for a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Common conditions include ingrown nails, corns and callosities, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, ankle sprains, bunions, hammertoes, and fractures.
  • Podiatrists also will evaluate footwear and make recommendations for appropriate shoe gear and the need for orthotics.

Sports Injury and Trauma

  • Common sports conditions include plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, ankle sprains, and fractures.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

  • At times, conservative care is not sufficient to resolve podiatric conditions and surgery is indicated. Common procedures include bunion and/or hammertoe correction, neuroma excision, and tendon repairs.

Diabetic Foot Care for Limb Salvage

  • Diabetic Foot Care for Limb Salvage includes a multi-disciplinary treatment plan involving endocrinology, vascular, podiatric, and wound care evaluations. The Center for Vascular Intervention provides vascular, podiatric, and wound care services and works together with the patient’s endocrinologist to optimize the patient.
  • Podiatric foot care for diabetics involves routine evaluations and diabetic foot care for nails and calluses; it also includes patient education, wound care, and surgical as needed.
  • Diabetic foot ulcers are open sores or wounds that are commonly located on the bottom of the foot. Other medical conditions, including peripheral arterial disease and neuropathy, lead to the development and prolonged healing of these ulcers. Diabetics have a 25% lifetime risk of developing a foot ulcer and these ulcers can lead amputations in diabetics.

Surgical Wound Care

  • At times, in-clinic wound care is not sufficient to heal an ulceration. In these cases, the patient may be taken to the operating room at a local hospital or surgical center for a more thorough wound debridement as well as application of a variety of allografts to aid with wound healing.
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